Next GenEration DistRibuted COmputing (NERO) Systems Group

We are part of the larger Network Research Group at Queen Mary University of London.

Research Interests

Cloud Computing, Energy Efficiency, Quality of Service (QoS), Software Engineering, Internet of Things, Big Data, Edge Computing and Fog Computing.   

Research Vision

Systematic engineering of scalable solutions, which are targeted towards real problems and emerging computing paradigms such as Cloud Computing, Fog Computing and Service Computing. Development of novel real world systems capable of meeting the challenges/QoS requirements of emerging distributed applications, found in paradigms such as Cloud/Edge/Fog Computing, Serverless Computing and the Internet of Things.

Research Mission

The recent technological developments and paradigms such as serverless computing, software-defined networking, Internet of Things, and processing at network edge are creating new opportunities for Cloud computing. However, they are also posing several new challenges and creating the need for new approaches and research strategies, as well as the re-evaluation of the models that were developed to address issues such as scalability, elasticity, reliability, security, sustainability, and application models. Emerging technologies such as Fog/Edge, serverless and the Interent of Things present new challenges which cannot be easily met by current resource provisioning and scheduling techniques, frameworks and mechanisms. Future research aims to develop systems capable of manipulating these technologies to meet requirements of modern Internet applications.

Current Team Members


  • Eric Renan BRAGION                     
  • Han CAO                             
  • Jisma CHOUDHURY                                        
  • Forum Manojkumar DESAI                         
  • Xenofon GEORGITSAROS                            
  • Zhuoyuan GUO MSC                      
  • Shabnam MANJURI                       
  • Constantine MUCHU                     
  • Muhammad Usman NAZIR                         
  • Tianchen SHAO


  • Adhurim Podvorica
  • Michael Han
  • Ridhima Gade
  • Samy Natho Jina
  • Shahnoor Mahmud
  • Tabarak Hussain


MSc Dissertation at QMUL

  • Ankit Anil Patel
  • Atul Malik
  • Leeladhar Koti Reddy Vanga
  • Muhammed Golec
  • Nanret Cletrice Dakas
  • Niranjan Ganesan
  • Syed Saad Amer
  • Yyi Kai Teoh
  • Sumaiah Tabassum

External MSc Student

  • Amanpreet Kaur, 2017-2018, Thapar University, India

Research Projects

“QoS-aware Autonomic Resource Provisioning and Scheduling for Cloud Computing” DST INSPIRE Fellowship (Registration Number: 201400000761 [DST/INSPIRE/03/2014/000359]). Sponsored, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. (Jan. 2014 – July 2016). [Status: Completed]

How to do research and write a Research Paper?

Our research article titled Research Methodology: A Practitioner Approach presents a step by step guidance to: 1) write research article, 2) write review article and 3) research methodology.

Research Visitor

I strongly welcome researchers worldwide (including faculties, Postdocs, PhD or Master students) to visit me as visiting scientists for short duration.

Research Collaborators

Please browse Google Scholar page for research collaborators.

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